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Environmental Litigation and Claims Services


Miller Forensic Consulting, LLC is a multi-displined scientific consulting firm offering a unique interdiscplinary approach to a wide range of litigation and insurance claim support services.


For over 30 years our firm has provided litigation support services to the legal and insurance community in simple and complex environmental issues both inside and outside of buildings. These services have included construction defects or building neglect resulting in "sick building syndrome", faulty environmental investigations, health and safety issues and engineering evaluations. We have extensive experience with PCB s in the built environment. We have provided litigation and insurance claim technical, support, and expert testimony.

We also provide environmental consulting in the areas of NPDES permit reviews, technical implementation of Toxicity Identification/Reduction Evaluations (TI/RE), development of site-specific water quality criteria and performance of treatability studies.


Our professionals have extensive experience in hydrogeologic,water, wastewater environment and land development practices.

We offer third party scientific review to verify other consultants work and provide you with confidence in your environmental decision making that may have substantial financial consequences.


Areas of expertise:

Mold Investigations

PCB s in Building Materials

Indoor Air Quality

Chemistry ( analytical, organic and inorganic)

Toxic and Hazardous Chemical Evaluations

Environmental Microbiology

Aquatic Biology

Human and Ecological Risk Assessment

Healthy Home Investigations


Water amd Wastewater Environment

Land Development Practices




Claims Investigations

Litigation Support

Expert Testimony

Scientific Support

Third Party Environmental Review